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So Sexy So Soon by Dianne Levin

The Lolita Effect: The Media Sexualization of Young Girls and What We Can Do About It by M. Gigi Durham

Pop culture---and the advertising that surrounds it---teaches young girls and boys five myths about sex and sexuality:

-Girls don't choose boys, boys choose girls--but only sexy girls
-There's only one kind of sexy--slender, curvy, white beauty
-Girls should work to be that type of sexy
-The younger a girl is, the sexier she is
-Sexual violence can be hot

Together, these five myths make up the Lolita Effect, the mass media trends that work to undermine girls' self-confidence, that condone female objectification, and that tacitly foster sex crimes. But identifying these myths and breaking them down can help girls learn to recognize progressive and healthy sexuality and protect themselves from degrading media ideas and sexual vulnerability. In The Lolita Effect, Dr. M. Gigi Durham offers breakthrough strategies for empowering girls to make healthy decisions about their own sexuality.

Page updated November 21, 2015

Children's Issues - So Sexy So Soon by Dianne Levin

Dianne Levin was a school teacher and for the past 25 years has taught up and coming teachers as a college professor. She has much experience with children on a personal and professional level. She wrote a book So Sexy So Soon, in which she documents the tremendous influence that the media can have on children and teens in the area of sex.

How the media is shaping pre-teenage girls sexually.

She details how Bratz Dolls have supplanted Barbie Dolls, which themselves are an icon of stereotyped female beauty, and which are evolving in to more sexual forms as of today. Disney, she describes as "A Lion In Sheep's Clothing," stating that it projects an unrealistic sexuality with its Disney Princess empire and fairy tales in an effort to fully capitalize on consumerism as it relates to pre-teen girls.

The popular Disney TV station is also very much involved, with High School Musical and some other programs which are ostensibly designed with older teens in mind, but the audience of which is largely eight-year-olds and pre-teens.

Suicide among girls/teen girls increased about 70% in 2003-4, and the idealized perfection of stars of such programs, something unattainable for most or for anyone, contributes to a lack of self-esteem and to an increased rate of suicide. It is a by-product, rather than a direct correlation.

Sexual images in advertising and music videos, the easy accessibility of pornography, send a torrent of misinformation to the minds of children and teens. This can result in poor skills when entering marriage or other real relationships, marital dissatisfaction, and an attitude of sex without consequences or emotional attachment.

The positive side of this book, is the as much as Levin present the problems, she dwells on real-life solutions for both parents and educators, things that can work to form, what she hopes will be a campaign similar to the effective campaign against smoking years ago to the present. There are small suggestions that can help parents, and more sweeping suggestions targeted towards politicians.

The book expresses a certain "righteous indignation" against what is being targeted to children, it has one victory to show for its efforts, succeeding in undermining the marketing efforts of a major toy company to market a doll line based on the burlesque-like Pussycat Dolls directed to young children (Hasbro dropped the line before it went to market), but at the same time, there is nothing at all religious, sanctimonious or self-righteous about it.

It is more like, a good mother mad that the neighborhood womanizer has targeted her daughter. Her solutions and advice to parents is pretty reasonable even a little on the permissive side. Parents, teachers and principals would do well to read this book. It gives much insight that can trickle down to the lives of more well-adjusted children and teens. Some of her observations on the media are extremely insightful and astute, such as on children's boredom and addiction to the media (TV, video games, movies, internet, etc.)

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