• ADHD books published by NorthEast Books & Publishing, by Association for Youth, Children and Natural Psychology
  • ADHD books published by NorthEast Books & Publishing, by Association for Youth, Children and Natural Psychology


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13 Artists Children Should Know, by Angela Wenzel

This heavily illustrated book featuring the world's greatest painters is an excellent introduction for young readers to artists and their works.

Whether it's Leonardo da Vinci's mysterious Mona Lisa, Vermeer's vibrant depictions of light, Van Gogh's mesmerizing brush strokes, or Matisse's playful cutouts, the art featured here is introduced in a format and style that will appeal to children.

The book proceeds chronologically, accompanied by a timeline to offer helpful historical context. Each artist's entry includes a concise biography, beautiful reproductions of major works, and lively texts that speak directly to young readers.

Also, games, quizzes and other activities, Further reading and information. (from the publisher)

Overcoming ADHD Without Medication: A Parent and Educator's Guidebook by AYCNP

"Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder almost comes at an epidemic level. "Overcoming ADHD without Medication" is a guide for parents who want to pursue treating this condition for their children without resorting to drugs such as Ritalin, which carry some side effects. With a lot of thought and understanding of concern, "Overcoming ADHD without Medication" is an excellent read that should very much be considered by concerned parents." Midwest Book Review

Art Therapy - Mental Health - Overcome Mental Health Disorders with Art Therapy (off-site)

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Page updated November 20, 2015

Ideas to Help Children Develop Skill and Interest in Art

A healthy interest in creative activities such as art, can help a child to develop self-esteem and powers of concentration
Art helps children avoid the negative effects of television, movies and video games, develop self-esteem and to develop sustained concentration.

1. Start early with children. It can start with a few scribbles, with crayons, but when a child likes the feeling, he will keep doing it and it can develop into a lifetime skill. They will develop a sense of well being as they do art work and a feeling of security.

2. Keep art supplies close by. Crayons, magic markers, paints, an easel especially, paper and later, water colors. Keep the easel set up somewhere where the kids can get at it easily.

3. Set aside time for art - Get a regular time slot for your children to work at art. A little every day, once or twice a week, on the weekend. Give your child your undivided attention at that time.

4. Look into art lessons, classes or programs. In Newark, NJ there is a regular art class for children for ten dollars every Saturday afternoon. Check it out in your community.

5. Art trips - Plan some trips to art museums and galleries it is a nice outing for children. Every major city in the world has some kind of art museum network. The Metropolitan Museum of Art in NY, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Boston and countless other cities in every country have wonderful museums that make good day trips.

6. Praise your child's art - kids art, no matter what it looks like, it is always wonderful! Let your child know how much you love it! Try to do this without building up false pride in him or her. A source on the subject of children's art encourages parents to be balanced in giving praise. Don't criticize the art, tell the child how to do things, and try not to control the child. At the same time, don't give the child praise in a way that inflates his or her ego, or give him or her too much attention about his art or other creative endeavors.

Help a child develop self-esteem but not a false sense of pride from his accomplishments. Any talents we might have are a gift to us and for which we and children, can learn to be thankful. If art is used as a way of expressing kindness to others, to support oneself or to honor the Creator, then it is being used in a positive way.

Adapted from: Frank, K. (2005). Parenting Picassos. NJ County Family Magazine.

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